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Iq6 Stereo X/Y Microphone For Ios

Iq6 Stereo X/Y Microphone For Ios

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Same Condenser Mics Found in H4n, Up to 16-bit/48kHz resolution, Angle X/Y Mics at 90 or 120 Degrees, Large Mic Gain Wheel, Monitor Input with 3-Segment LED, 3.5mm Headphone Jack Doubles as Line Out, Removable Spacer Allows Use with Cases, Works with Handy Recorder App, Works with Many Other Apps. The iQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone from turns your iOS device with Lightning connector into a field recorder for capturing the sounds of concerts interviews meetings lectures and more at up to 16-bit/48kHz resolution. The microphone uses the same two high-quality unidirectional condenser mics found in the popular H4n recorder allowing your recordings to cover a wide area while still capturing sound sources in the center with clarity and definition. The X/Y microphones can be set at two different angles 90 degrees for a tightly focused image or 120 degrees for a more immersive wide-angle stereo. The input gain can be adjusted using the large mic gain wheel on the front of the unit while you monitor your levels using the 3-segment LED. The iQ6 also features a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack enabling direct monitoring during both recording and playback. The headphone output can also be used as a line out for making a backup recording if desired. The iQ6 comes with a removable spacer that allows it to be used with most iPhone iPad and iPod cases. The mic is compatible with s free Handy Recorder app which gives you the option to record as PCM or AAC files and offers effects such as compression EQ and reverb. Additionally it will work with Apple s Voice Memo app and GarageBand as well as most apps that support input from an external microphone.

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