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In. X 80 In. Bronze Surface Mount Ultimate Security Screen Door With Meshtec

In. X 80 In. Bronze Surface Mount Ultimate Security Screen Door With Meshtec

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Innovative, full view screen door with the Meshtec screen system delivers ultimate security with no trade offs in curb appeal, fresh air, or view Fully-sealed door helps protect your main entry from the elements and the snap covers deter forced entry while hiding unsightly screw heads Vault style 3-point locking system fortifies your entryway against intruders. The door is reversible for left or right-handing SURFACE MOUNT frame attaches through the face of the entryway trim and is typically used in the Western U.S. Fits most standard sized 36 in. x 80 in entry doors. Some applications may require a build out. The overall dimensions of the door including the frame are 38.5 in x 81.6 in. Titan Ultimate doors with Meshtec screen provide a full view, maximum air flow AND unsurpassed security. The high tensile-strength, woven, stainless steel mesh screen combines the visibility and ventilation of a screen door with the strength and durability of a security door. The patented screen system ensures that the screen material is completely flat, tight, and secure in the frame. A heavy-duty, aluminum frame combined with the vault style three-point locking system keeps your home protected from unwanted intruders, while common mounting screws combine with security snap covers to create a simple, sleek, and secure installation. The Meshtec screen stands up to scratching and clawing for the ultimate in pet friendly protection.

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