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Imperial Alfa Rack Plus 16.5 Lbs.

Imperial Alfa Rack Plus 16.5 Lbs.

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Attract deer to your land with Imperial Whitetail Alfa-Rack Plus Seeds from the . This 16.5-pound bag of seeding is able to outfit 1.25 acres of land producing a beautiful field of greens. Able to be planted spring or fall, this food plot seed includes perennial forage chicory and extensive deep-root structure that helps plants thrive on hilltops and hillsides. The alfalfas and chicory in this food seed dominate areas of the plot that are better drained and the imperial whitetail clover fills in areas of the plot that hold more moisture, maximizing sites with both moisture-holding and well-drained areas. Not to mention, deer love the taste of the field and will travel a long way to come eat. The perennial seeding is coated with Rainbond that will help sustain the seeding s survival. Plus, the blend of grazing alfalfas are high-protein and drought and cold resistant. No need to worry about planting every year, as the pasture will last up to 5 years on a single planting. Help deer attain the nutrients they need by planting the Imperial Whitetail Alfa-Rack Plus Seeds today.

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